Scale of sacrifice

First, there is the sheer scale of sacrifice.
When they set out, none of the armies had any idea of the length and scale of the trauma that was to unfold.

Therese Welcomes Plans to Eliminate Poor Mobile Phone Coverage

I love living in our part of Suffolk but one of my few irritations is poor mobile phone signal. We have plenty of areas where only one or two operators cover but currently, it's "tough luck". These "partial not-spots" are bad for residents,... businesses, health and care workers as well as tourists 


We want to hear which issues you think are most important for your family and for Britain.

Therese Dishes up Free Chips for all at Dogs Trust Reception

Therese supported the launch of the Dogs Trust Chip My Dog website in Parliament this week. is a one stop-shop for all microchipping queries giving dog owners advice on the upcoming change in law and free microchipping services.

Creating a Nation of Lifesavers

Therese attended the British Heart Foundation launch event in Parliament last week on a new way to learn CPR.