Social Action

Message from the Prime Minister

David CameronSocial Action is central in our efforts to strengthen the Big Society, based on the belief that by acting together rather than depending solely on the State, we can deliver real and lasting change.

Social Action is now integral to our work as Conservatives in our local areas. It’s a new kind of politics, engaging both grassroots members and then wider population – some of whom may never have engaged in politics of any kind- in the value of stepping up and improving our communities.

All across the country, Conservatives have taken up the Social Action challenge and are providing sustained local leadership on what we can do with and for our local communities. As well as practical projects we are also running parents’ groups, organising beat meetings with the police, and supporting people who are out of work through jobs’ clubs.

Social Action demonstrates visibly and unarguably that locally-driven positive change is possible if people are willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved.

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