From Russia with love

WE are reaching the Point of No Return. We are virtually at war with Russia. These are the grim messages emerging from Brussels tonight as Europe’s leaders ponder what to do over Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine. Having annexed Crimea, Vladimir Putin seems poised to hit the invasion button in the certain knowledge that NATO, the US and the EU won’t intervene.

Douglas Carswell – an enigma variation

DOUGLAS Carswell, the Conservative MP for Clacton-on-Sea who has resigned from the parliamentary party and as an MP to fight a by-election under the UKIP banner, is an enigma. And he has been in all the years I have known him since he won the Tory Party nomination for the constituency in 2003.

UK threat rate increased to 'severe'

THE Prime Minister David Cameron today gave a press conference about the threat level in the United Kingdom increasing from ‘substantial’ to ‘severe’. 

Fun with hats at Birnham

HATS of various sizes and hues were the order of the day at a special fund raising party organised by Suffolk Coastal Conservative Association’s Women’s Organisation.

Don’t demonise Warsi

BARONESS Warsi has become the new bette noir of the Conservative Party – for stating the obvious and emphasising what I wrote in this blog last May after the European and London boroughs’ elections – demonising immigrants will destroy the Conservative Party.

Israel bad, Islamic State good

THE contorted logic of the neo-liberal left in this country is breathtaking. Israel is condemned for attacking Gaza. Demonstrations are encouraged and angry letters published in the media. But not one cross word is there, no angry marchers taking to the streets, no flags being flowm to criticism the genocide now being inflicted on Christians and other religious minorities in the caliphate now oozing across parts of Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan.

Hail the Heineken politician: it’s Boris for me

THE democratic deficit in the UK is deeply disturbing. The public’s inability to name and identify the UK’s leading politicians shows just how detached voters are becoming from the people they elect.

Labour facing Tipperary nightmare

SO there was I on Saturday night bemoaning the damage that UKIP could inflict on the Conservatives unless there is a pact in 2015, but today the neo-liberal Independent today tells us that Labour is equally at risk from Nigel Farage.

Bad news for Miliband in Trimley St Mary

SUFFOLK Coastal Conservative Association has released details of its first detailed survey* of voters’ opinions – and it spells bad news for Ed Milliband. Residents of Trimley St Mary were asked a number of questions on national and local issues and also which party leader residents felt would make the best Prime Minister.

Not even for the Greater Good will I sacrifice my MP

TODAY’S Daily Mail had a speculative article from Simon Heffer claiming the Conservatives will have to do a deal with UKIP as the only way to keep Ed Miliband out of Downing Street next May. David Cameron has always rubbished such suggestions.