Felixstowe Flag Flies in Parliament Square to Mark 800 Years of Rights

A flag designed by pupils of Colneis Primary School in Felixstowe is flying proudly in Parliament Square to mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta – which established the principle of the rule of law and the rights we enjoy today.

The flag was chosen to represent all of Suffolk at the national celebration after being nominated by local MP, Therese Coffey. It which features the sky rising in the East, the sea, beach and blue sky with a prominent Martello tower.

Therese said: "I was delighted to nominate Colneis School to represent Suffolk in the flag waving ceremony. It's great to have such an iconic vision of Suffolk flying proudly in Parliament Square."

"Magna Carta is a document of such huge significance – which elevated the law above the government and the freedom of the individual above the arbitrary authority of the monarch. It is so important we continue to recognise its importance 800 years after it was signed and I thank all the pupils and staff at Colneis School for their hard work in creating the flag so we can celebrate our hard won rights."