Cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty

The Conservatives are cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty, helping you and your family be more financially secure.

We're cutting income tax for over 25 million people, saving the typical taxpayer £705 a year. That means hardworking people keep more of the money they earn and are better able to provide for their families.

We've also cancelled Labour's planned fuel duty rises, helping small businesses and saving you £7 every time you fill up your car. A driver who fills up twice a week is saving £728 a year.

By cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty, we're making you and your family more financially secure.

Same Old Labour

In government, Labour raised income tax and increased fuel duty 12 times.

Now they want to spend more and borrow more, which all of us would eventually pay for with higher taxes.

Unlike Labour, the Conservatives are committed to helping people who want to work hard and get on in life.