Divided we will fall

IN four days’ time, the United Kingdom and the Conservative Party face a crisis of unimaginable proportions. If Scotland votes to leave the Union, all pretence that the remainder of the Union having any influence in the world will be shattered forever.

Clacton Conservatives choose Giles Watling to fight by-election

A PUBLIC meeting in Clacton-on-Sea last night selected local man Giles Watling to be the Conservative Candidate for the by-election on October 9. Giles brought up his children in Frinton-on-Sea – which is part of the Clacton constituency – and had his first theatrical job in the town. He has represented the area on Tendring district council for more than seven years.

New opinion poll shocks Britain

RUPERT Murdoch is no friend of the United Kingdom. He’s a republican whose Scottish editions of The Sun urged people to vote for the Scottish National Party at past general elections.

Suffolk Coastal MP supports Southwold High Street bid

SUFFOLK Coastal’s MP Dr Therese Coffey has thrown her support behind Southwold’s bid for the Best Coastal Town category in the Great British High Street competition. The application bid has been put together by Southwold Chamber of Trade and the My Southwold High Street town team.

Disingenuous Salmond could be the winner

Labour’s traditional Central Belt voters that the only way to stop the hated Tories from ruling Scotland again is for the country to become an independent nation. Salmond is being totally disingenuous – he is blaming the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition for cuts in the National Health Service north of the border and for the creeping privatisation of the NHS.

From Russia with love

WE are reaching the Point of No Return. We are virtually at war with Russia. These are the grim messages emerging from Brussels tonight as Europe’s leaders ponder what to do over Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine. Having annexed Crimea, Vladimir Putin seems poised to hit the invasion button in the certain knowledge that NATO, the US and the EU won’t intervene.

Douglas Carswell – an enigma variation

DOUGLAS Carswell, the Conservative MP for Clacton-on-Sea who has resigned from the parliamentary party and as an MP to fight a by-election under the UKIP banner, is an enigma. And he has been in all the years I have known him since he won the Tory Party nomination for the constituency in 2003.

UK threat rate increased to 'severe'

THE Prime Minister David Cameron today gave a press conference about the threat level in the United Kingdom increasing from ‘substantial’ to ‘severe’.