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Wrecking our economy is no laughing matter

A "joke". That’s how Ed Balls has dismissed the note the last Labour government left that said "there is no money".Labour have learned nothing from when they were last in power – when they wrecked the economy, racked up our biggest deficit in peacetime history, and left 2.5 million people unemployed.

Six weeks to go

Conservative activists on the campaign trail in Felixstowe West

Therese Welcomes Felixstowe Coastal Town Boost

Felixstowe is one of twelve pioneering coastal towns to be selected by the Government to have a dedicated coastal team that willhelp support the local economy.Coastal Teams are designed to bring local people, councils and businesses together. The new Felixstowe Team coordinated by SCDC will engage existing community networks and develop the key heritage assets within the town.

Budget 2015: Another Step on the Road to Prosperity

Therese has welcomed today's Budget as another step on the road to prosperity for Suffolk and for Britain.Therese said: "The Budget will continue the national recovery, cutting taxes, helping first time buyers, aiding farmers, assisting pensioners and supporting savers. Five years ago, Britain was spending and borrowing too much and too many people were out of work. Living standards are now higher than when this Government came into office, with more people in work than ever before."

Seafront Summit Aims to Increase Tourism Potential in Felixstowe

 Therese organised and chaired a Felixstowe Seafront Summit last Friday, bringing together a number of key players to discuss what has been done to improve Felixstowe seafront, future projects and how they could bid for the Government's new £3m Coastal Revival Fund to help future improvements.